Tales of Ragnarok Online Server Rules

Server Rules Information

1. General rules Boss

Monsters (MVP) are Free for All including field bosses, bloody branches, and abracadabra. Kill steal prevented by @noks. Botting are not allowed Cheater, hacker, scammer, and player with manner problem will be Punished by Admin

2. Chat and channels

You may use any language at any town, and any channel (#Main,#Mall,#deleted-channel) as long as its not harrassment, derogatory statement, and racism. Political and religion debate are forbidden. "Unity in Diversity". #Main is general channel for disccusion, chit-chat, looking for party, guild Etc. #Mall is channel for trading even buying or selling items. You are not allowed to sell or buy stuff on any other channel. #deleted-channel channel is for you to ask your question related to the game. Not only GM, but player with decent knowledge and experience might answer your question. You are not allowed to public begging, cursing, and spamming. You are not allowed to do any kind of advertisement. Any language is available on our Channels.

3. Third party programs restriction.

AHK (autohotkeys) allowed, considering possibility player personal issue like ping, broken hardware, sick, or just "slow hand". But using of semi-automated farming script are not allowed-bannable offence. Autopot allowed as long as you not bypass system base healing item delay. Any other hack program, game file modifier, hexed client, and Bot program are not allowed-bannable offence. 4. Insta-ban policy Yes, this policy are applied to anyone who intend to disrupt the continuity of our community. So please do not attempt. Logging in with unauthorized GM account. Any stats modification.

5. Account security

You account is your responsibility. Pincode are enabled and we recommend you for not sharing your account. Secure your account with advance password setting (uppercase, lowercase, and number combination). We provide secondary ingame password that can be setup on Security Manager at Prontera main office.

6. Staff environment

GM wont ask any detail information about your account nor asking your items. GM impersonator are bannable offence.

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